It’s always a weird moment to introduce ourselve, I don’t think to be narcissic person, if yes this would be easier. I’m a french webdevelopper based in London, I work on different languages and platform. Even if it’s a hobby it’s not my main one.
Being curious, find new ways to create, and make : that is my main motivation.

Social buttons

As you can see, there is no ‘Like’ button and no ‘Tweet’ button here. For many simple reasons : we are enough tracked by these social networks and I don’t want to inflict this to viewers of my website, it’s already nice of you to come visit me, Secondly, I don’t see the interest to see that 2 persons like a page (: my mom and I). Last point, important for me, it make the page heavier, so it make the final rendering of the page longer. Whatever, I think you’re big enough to share this page.


About the engine, is made with the framework Symfony 2.0. One optimised system, with cache, based on MVC model. It’s my first project on this platform, it was on my list of things to do since long time. At the end I can say I've passed more time on the design and the CSS than the engine, Symfony is pure magic.

Social networks

My projects are also availables on differents platforms like Behance Network, Flickr, Vimeo and GitHub. Of course I’m also using Twitter, which is very popular, but don’t expect me to tweet what I do every minutes. But why post my projects on differents platform when you have your own website : the interactivity. When my projects are on Behance Network, I can interact with the others users. But mainly if you want to follow my works, you don’t need to have un RSS reader, you just need to follow me on platform you want.


Say hello to HTML5 and CSS3, so great to can use these new properties and new features. One of the most important for me is Media Queries, it was a big deal to manage but this website is available on different devices. The perfect thing to remove these old and deprecated browsers, sorry if you’re an Internet Explorer lover : you’re doing it wrong dude!.


For those who know the previous version of this website (still available here), details and animation is an important point. This time we are playing with HTML and Media Query, which means less animations and think about multi-platform. But in a way it was perfect to update to website: no sounds and no splash page.