29 April 2017

This is love letter for people who make Open Source.

For those waking up in the morning and still having faith to wake up after seeing the tsunami of GitHub email notifications.

For those who keep contributing to core modules used everywhere but nobody see.

For those who still find time to provide examples and explanations to newbies that don’t even replay or say thanks.

For those who still got the courage to argue with tact to people who wants to implement stuff that aren’t into the project’s guideline.

For those who keep receiving suggestions of features to implement but never see a single pull request.

For those who keep that passion and enthusiasm day after day, years after years.

For those who sometime bring a solution or fix an issue in less time than any customer service (even if it’s not your role).

For those who keep contributing to projects they didn’t created.

For those who want to just want to bring a piece of code does things differently without pretending being the best solution.

For those who maintain a repo and deal with medium articles bashing their work. Usually written by people who never contribute.

Btw, to all the twats who keep making posts to know which framework is the best: JUST FUCK YOU! ALRIGHT!? This the dev version of who got the biggest. Just be constructive and try to find out for what kind of project which framework is most adapted to. There’s no need for more shitposting on the internet.

For those who dedicate their life for it and got the courage to say “Stop! It’s weekend time, and it’s my weekend! And it’s gonna be fabulous bitches! See ya on monday open source world!” (and because you damn fuck deserve it!)

You all rocks and we should do our best to make sure you keep the same pleasure to work on it.



Mastermind meets Android pattern lock

05 April 2017

Morning commute is long and boring. In my case the routine pass by 20 minutes of tube. Then by looking at people playing at Candy Crush I realised I should install a game on my phone to entertain me, but not Candy Crush. I remembered to my Mastermind game while I was a child and I really liked that game. However I wanted something a bit different and got the idea after failing to unlock my phone to make a mix beteen Mastermind and the Android lock pattern. The perfect opportinity to build my first Progressive Web App, and play with WebPack. After 2 weeks of code and months of polishing the game was ready to go. At first it was for my personal entertainment but it's even better if other people can enjoy it too.

‘‘It's dangerously amazing to code a mean feedback on your perfomance’’


The revenge of music n00bs

09 January 2017

For Christmas, my big brother offer me the Novation Launchpad. It's beautiful piece of hardware. Despite the fact I'm not good at music and (sometimes) try to improve myself on it, I remain bad at it. However, the manufacturer provide a documentation about MIDI to communicate with the device. I cannot help it, I had to control these LEDs from my browser. Few days later, tetris was running. It was quite interesting to build a game and respect the limitation of the device to obtain a smooth game. And the best: everything is Web powered. You can see a quick demo of tetrispad on my twitter.

‘‘Playing a retro game is fun. Coding it is better!’’


CSS killed the JavaScript stars

26 October 2016

Easy to admit, I love JavaScript. But when I can get rid of it, I do it. That's something I discovered from my most popular repo: Vivus. Most of the time, the library was included just for a single use. That makes me unhappy to include a library just for a single use. Then I realised that the library code could be used to generate independent animated SVG.

‘‘CSS killed the JavaScript stars’’


Listen to your code

06 March 2016

Long time ago I found a clone of the Tenori-On in Web. It's such a nice tool to play and make melodies but I wanted to find a source to generate the combinaisons. Until I realised commit SHA are 'unlimited' and easy to access. From a hash, the program will extract a BPM, a melody pattern and list of sound to use between the Tenori and TR808. The result is a noize generator that even the worst techno club couldn't broadcast, this is the improvement to do.

‘‘A good idea badly executed remain bad.’’