How to flip a coin in a cashless society?

04 July 2018

It happen quite often, I need to flip a coin to take a decision. But over the last year, I became cashless, making it more difficult to flip a coin. But I found a backup: websites. There are a loooooot running a simple document.write(Math.random()>.5?'yes':'no') with 1.6Mb of advertising. Got bored of this, I needed something nicer to watch, as hypnotic as fruit machines. So I created FlipBits.

Put down the slider to the quantity of simulation you want to make, then watch the future being decided in front of you. As I define it : the best random powered AI to take decisions.

No trackers, no ads, works offline. Try FlipBits.

Code available on GitHub.

FlipBits PWA preview

Yes, I used an iPhone X for the mockups, even if the PWA implementation is not amazing and the notch should be killing that layout.