Freedom Record sticker

Print. Stick. Listen.

30 November 2009

End of 2009, my friend Remy Roches, owner a podcast about electronic music, talk to me about the idea to make stickers to promote his website. But he asked me make the design, of course I couldn't refuse. The idea to have one of my creation printed in one thousand copy, it's really exciting. Ok, today print stickers is cheap and easy to do, but it's enough to make me happy. After two or three mockup, the design was accepted.
This was my first print, and it was interesting to work with print conditions. For information, the podcast closed in 2012 for an other project called The Loop.
Once again, thanks Remy.

Final model.

Once printed.

Another model which wasn't picked up, so colorless !!

‘‘Having your creation on stickers, it's a pretty amazing sensation.’’