Music sequencer using commits

07 November 2019

This, is HexaBeat.

A new music sequencer using code contributions to generate music. The app use commits from GitHub and pass it through the algorithm of your choice to generate new sequences. THe app takes a liveset file as input, which contain groups of sounds and a list of repositories. Based on this, tracks can be added and removed. Each track has it’s own volume, enable and solo mode, filter and a sequence. Every sequence is combinaison of a repository, a commit and an algorithm. Anybody can use it, it’s as easy as scrolling filters on Instagram till you find something you like.

The project started with the envy to build an app that could be controlled from a MIDI keyboard. It’s not the first attempt in my history, but the most advanced one so far. Along the way it was the perfect opportunity to learn React and Redux with TypeScript. The code is far from good, but does the job.

This was the longest side project I worked on. The initial commit is 18 months old. It drained me to the point where I no longer care if it’s good enough to be published, it needed to be out of my mind.

‘‘Never felt so happy to get rid of a side project.’’