Fusion of hipsters and pixel art

14 January 2018

Triangulart is an old project that came up when I needed to build an illustration based on triangles. After spending too much time on Illustrator to figure out how to make it easy I realised I could build my own editor as a WebApp. It didn’t represent a lot of efforts because most of the code was coming from triangulr to generate the grid, then few UI elements and DOM event to build a basic editor. It was minimalist (even brutalist) but did the job pretty well. It was enough to waste few minutes on it. HackerNews proved it to me by keeping my link at the top for a good Friday afternoon.

After few months (or year?) it was time to improve the tool. Some missing features were crucial when a big project is done with it. The opportunity was perfect to learn VueJS which was used for the UI.

As part of the new features:

The interface and code is not perfect. There are some good code split to do, better routing, better menu layout.. Also, moving to canvas would be a huge performance gain for big workspaces.

I’m looking forward to see what users gonna make with it.

However, I thought back about the reasons I created this app to reach the conclusion that my life follow this pattern:

Try Triangulart

‘‘What? Is it a webapp?’’