JavaScript is better at drawing than you!

15 May 2015

Codrops is a blog about front-end full of inspiration and crazy ideas. One day mind got blown by a post about SVG drawing animation, it was beautiful, I wanted to understand how it worked. Their code wasn't easy to re-use so I decided to build a JavaScript library. Then also realised that some points deserve a better accessibility by removing some constrains like forcing SVG to only use paths or have knowledge in animation. Then after few weeks the magic was on. After being published by those who inspired me - the amazing Codrops - this repo turned into my biggest success. The popularity made me dive into the real world of open source by having to resolve issues, taking care of pull request, follow the last proctices, publishing the repo on package managers... At first this repo was just to have a nice repo to show for a job interview if necessary, and turned into my biggest success. Thanks to all the contributors, people who talked about it and users!

‘‘Take something and make it better, people will love it’’