Ed Banger xx Gorillaz

The visual part of one, the style of the other.

05 July 2010

Gorillaz and Ed Banger records are musical movements I like. Jamie Hewlett is the drawer of the Gorillaz characters, and his work fascinates me, he created a real universe around this band. As I know myself, drawing character is not my cup of tea but I wanted to make this challenge: draw some characters of Ed Banger. At the start I wanted to recreate "la cene" of Da Vinci. But somebody did it before me : argg!! (by the way it's SO_ME, Ed Rec Artistic Director, himself who told me that!). So I've search a good way to do my project and finally I've kept the Gorillaz style.
At the end, the result is much better than the start idea.

The dream team...

Xavier De Rosney (Justice member)

SO_ME / Bertrand de Langeron (Ed Banger Designer)


Flat Eric (a MrOizo puppet)

And finally the master Busy-P (aka. Pedro Winter)

β€˜β€˜It's D.A.R.E.’’