GTA Marketplace API

18 October 2015

Last night, while playing GTA with my flatmate, an idea came to our minds. A silly idea like we all have between friends.

It came after ordering pizzas (they got bad influence on us), we were imaging that we could order them directly from GTA. That our local pizza shop would be in the game, you enter, choose what you want, pay, then get it in real. This could be possible if Rockstar Games would create a marketplace to rent some places in the game. An API would allow to customise the design of the shop and interaction with the user. This could be even better if you have to do a special challenge to get an exclusive topping on your pizza. Some places would be rentable for players from a specific region, like renting a shop only for players from London. It would target a restricted user market.

Then, we’ve been wondering what would happen if you do a hold-up? Does it count like a hold-up IRL? I imagine some tenant going mad because they were ignoring the possibility. So to respond to the problem, Rockstar would provide a bodyguard and private security services that you need to buy to protect your business. Otherwise you would see Dominos gang planning to blow up Papa Johns.

Or maybe this already exists and I’m out of date (as usual).