Nothing better than a good refresh

31 January 2013

Three years after launching the first version, a full rebuild was necessary. Flash is not friendly anymore, damn S. Jobs. So to make this a challenge I took the opportunity to learn Symfony, the popular PHP framework. HTML5 and CSS3, media-query are used to make this website available for mobile. A little refresh of the 'branding' was necessary, but the logo stay's the same and will always stay the same.
Actually, we keep the same crazy guy behind, the weird projects and just change the design. And here is the new version.

By a pixel lover, for pixel lovers.

Desktop version

Mobile version, with media queries.

Infography about, mainly useless information, but it look's nice

Isometric presentation of maxwellito logo

Plans for the new version, not really professional.

Plans for the project page of the new version. Pictures, text, iframes, links, tags and a quote.

‘‘After 391 differents designs, I found the good one (until tomorrow).’’